Why kids lie, Most parents think that children lie to get something, and avoid the consequences and get out of what they do not want to do. These are common, but there are also some obvious reasons that children may not be able to tell the truth – or at least the whole truth.

Children lie, as they get the idea of doing something new and keep trying to accomplish it, as they do with most types of behaviors, to see what happens. “I wonder, what if I lie about this situation?” He says. “What will it do for me? What do I get from it? What do I get?”


Children who lack self-confidence can tell great lies to make themselves more influential, expert or talented, and to raise their self-esteem and show themselves good in the eyes of others. For example, the boy will say that he has gone to a party and everyone starts chanting for him when he comes to the door.

Anxiety or Depression

why kids lie, it may be with anxiety or depression can lie about their symptoms so that they can alleviate their issues, saying things like “no, no, I didn’t sleep properly last night” because they don’t want people to worry about it.

White Lies

Just to form things even more complicated, in some situations parents can actually encourage children to lie white so as to not offend anyone’s feelings. during this case, white lies and when to use it fall into the umbrella of social skills.

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