Online education in India arrived very late, but it is increasingly accepted and adopted on a large scale. India may have taken much longer to adopt online education than the West, but is working hard to implement it.

In the last few years, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been trying to achieve the goal of providing education to every small corner of the country.

There are still many parts of the country where people do not know much about online education.

The Indian economy is an emerging economy, due to which India has the opportunity to grow online education programs even more. Due to stunted corona, all education programs are being conducted online.

There are online education classes that are coming to India to build and develop online education infrastructure.

Online education does not appear to replace traditional classrooms with blackboards, but it works in tandem with an already existing system.

This system promises to reach far into rural areas in India where education is still running in the dark. this will speed up the development of our rural India.

This objective can be achieved by providing a PC at a low cost with a broadband connection. There is a huge potential for online education to strengthen the educational system in India.

In addition, the government has taken forward programs to upgrade the technical quality of new graduates to enter the research and teaching professions.

Online education is growing at a fast pace and the control of the world seems to be wider due to its educational benefits, with online education being much wider in India.

Companies are moving forward in providing services. While nothing can really move beyond the popularity of traditional classroom teaching, online learning only gives more importance to the process, independent of the distance factor.

In India, the online education landscape is still growing and at an experimental level. The traditional mindset is changing, with the corporate and business sector paving the way for the adoption of technology-based learning networks.
Many institutions have begun to grow teacher-led programs with content-rich online education modules.

The government’s initiative is also second to none. The projection is positive for the development of distance online education in India.

Many efforts are currently being made towards providing quality distance education to more people in urban and rural areas through the use of more effective web resources and practices.

Likewise, this corona epidemic has taken education to a new level.

Till now the visibility of online learning was limited to IT and educational CDs, pen drives, and YouTube, but with PC and Android mobile phones increasing online reach in the country.

The future of online education is promising, provided that the organization of content and delivery is good infrastructured in a way.

Currently, many schools are closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, online education has become very important for children at such times, many schools are teaching their children online.

There are many companies in India which are providing many courses. Is, even on social media, education experts are taking their own classes, this is a good sign for India and for every Indian.

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