CONFIDENT PARENTING = HAPPY CHILDREN, when children know their parents are crazy about them, that they are loved, then they blossom.

In most of the programs, parents learn not just to talk to their children, but to listen to them. They share feelings . ‘are you nervous about starting school. I was, I had butterflies in my tummy..” they explore these, things so the child knows it’s normal to feel like that, and when she/he returns home, they follow up and talk about how it all worked out.

Talking about feelings, talking about family events, talking about everything is one of the biggest gifts parents can give their children, and it’s such a simple one and costs nothing.

What it does do is add immeasurably to the quality and enjoyment of family life. some parents learned not to criticize and put her daughter or his son down all the time and began to listen to her/his instead.

During the pandemic covid-19 situation some parents created a daily routine off setting aside a time every day to read and do specific activities with the child. Making it a daily routine at the same time every day makes it something very special to the child, who feels loved and appreciated and important. This quality time improves the relationship between parent and child. And of course, it isn’t just mothers who find that by doing these things the quality of their family life and relationships improve.

When fathers make their own times with the children, to teach them skills, even if it’s only how to throw a ball, or sit and watch a TV program together, and talking about it together, both fathers and children improve their relationships. Parents start to enjoy their children in ways they hadn’t realized it was possible, just by adding these small routines to their family life Parents also learn that children are Innocent & naughty and don’t need to be punished. When children are perceived as naughty by their parents it’s usually the result of a misunderstanding.

The child may be too tired, hungry, or thirsty to be able to cooperate. The child may not understand what the parent is wanting or saying. The child may be upset, or emotionally shattered by some happening which threatens its sense of security and emotional well- being, whether it was something that with the child so that he never feels stupid or wrong. If this is how a child feels, he loses his confidence and starts to feel that he ‘s dumb, and everyone else knows better than him.

Some parents should learn to give children the correct answer, without making a fuss, and carry on to the next question in the book. Saying “NO” and being negative undermines children’s’ confidence — remember how you felt in class, even when you were quite old, and you put up your hand, and the teacher told you were wrong? So confident parenting means making children feel good about themselves, giving them confidence in you and in life. They learn to communicate and share feelings, and know that they can trust their parents to support them and encourage them. Just as good is that knowing we are doing the right thing as parents.

How many of us are truly confident parents?

Do you know that the more we talk to our children, the more likely they are to do well at school and in the afterlife. When we talk to our children they feel they matter to us. every child needs to spend plenty of time with someone who is crazy about them, 6 BRIGHT START When children know their parents are crazy about them, that they are loved, then they blossom, they enjoy life, they want to be part of a happy family, and they want to share in and cooperate in the family.

In Confident Parenting, parents should be talking to their children is a more effective way of getting children to do what needs to be done, than shouting or hitting. If you really do that the learning this has changed your whole family life, and also you can see the difference in your children who grew up before they learned these new ways of parenting and those who came after and developed quite differently in the new family situation.

The more we talk to our children, the more likely they are to do well at school… happened at playgroup, something a family member said or did, or the family events he or she doesn’t understand. Comforting and making the child feel safe is much more likely to achieve a resolution. Punishment breaks small children’S trust, makes them more insecure, and causes them to shut down their feelings When children are older they need to learn to accept responsibility for their actions, but small children need help to handle their feelings.

parents learn to respond to children positively rather than negatively. When they are reading together, and they ask a child a question, parents learn how to work So talking to our children, listening to them, sharing feelings, and never criticizing or making them feel small, may seem too simple to be important. And that’s the magic of it, good parenting doesn’t cost a thing, and enriches our lives beyond measure – “Confident Parenting”.

Source: Parents Corner

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