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Hello Readers,

I’m Aesha Shah. Mother, Blogger, Explorer, and a voracious reader , all by a matter of choice. The purpose of  starting my parenting website is to create a platform for fellow parents seeking to understand , enjoy , interact & address the challenges of parenthood at all stages thus making it an inclusive platform. While the website in itself is on a self trajectory mode, I also continue to activiely blog on the matters that concern and interest parenting approach.

I am a teacher by qualification and hold a masters degree in commerce but decided to be a stay at home mom to be with my daughter in her formative years. During all these years I kept reading a lot on parenting and writing about my experiences. I set up my blog in 2016 to share my experiences as a parent and to interact with other parents through my writings.

About Parent And Kid is all about my experiences as a mother. Motherhood changed my aspirations and dreams. Parenting has become complex in today’s face paced life and more interaction among parents will help improve our parenting skills. So feel free to share your experiences and opinions as parents here.