The classroom was full of people. Children, their parents, friends, family, and well-wishers had gathered here. Madhav had touched so many lives. Everyone’s eyes were moist. Madhav had left heart prints in the lives of so many people. All of them present had prayed for his well being this entire year. There were moments of fear, anxieties, and sadness when they visited Madhav throughout the year. It had been difficult for each one of them to see Madhav in a state of despair. The person, who had taught them how to live life joyfully and with hope, had succumbed to dreadful circumstances.

It was indeed a very difficult year. And today everything was over. Their eyes were filled with tears. But their vision had not blurred. They could all see Madhav as he entered the classroom with the support of the walker but was standing tall on his feet. And the room was filled with the sounds of loud cheers and applause.


This is how the story shaped up…

#1: Patterns Disturbing Pattern Of Life !

#2: Nostalgic Reminiscing Fond Memories Over A Cup of Coffee

#3: Terminal Is it the end?

#4: Bated Breath As They Wait With Bated Breath….

#5 Disobedience I Will Not Accept This, I Defy It!

#7 Monster How Will I Kill This Monster Illness

#8 Today This Song Gives Me Hope

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. Prompt #9: Heartprints



Featured image courtesy: Pixabay