“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort [but] you cannot have both”-Brene Brown

-Brene Brown

The prompt for today is a reflection of my blogging journey. Being a mommy blogger, and my blog being primarily on parenting the obvious thing to do was to write on parenting when I decided to participate in the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge. Being a mother writing about my parenting experiences comes naturally to me and it’s easy. But being a member of the Write Tribe, I have always been challenged to attempt something new. The Write Tribe Festival of Words was the first ever writing challenge that I had attempted. After the Write Tribe Pro Blogger challenge was announced and it wasn’t mandatory to write posts based on the prompts it was easy for me to just write routinely as I did on my blog.

 But during the ideation of my posts I wondered is it challenging enough for me if I don’t write on prompts. Is it even a challenge?  And thus I decided to challenge myself to do something different and move out of my comfort zone. I decided to choose courage over comfort. I certainly couldn’t have both.

 I knew I would be travelling during the time of the challenge and will need to schedule my post in advance that was also a challenge but yet again I chose courage over comfort and decided to participate in the challenge. Reading and writing were my hobbies but now it is my passion and my blog my identity.

I have never attempted to write fiction, let alone a series of connecting stories based on the prompts, so I thought that the real challenge for me would be to do just that.

That’s how the idea of writing the story of Madhav was conceived in my thoughts.

Today I would like to take a deviation and take a break while narrating the story. Readers, please bear with me but I had to use this prompt to show my gratitude to all my readers, the Write Tribers,  and particularly Corinne Rodrigues to have given such wonderful thought provoking prompts which made me choose courage over comfort for the very first time in my life. Thanks to Write Tribe, for I have now started to learn to write bravely.

Thank you.

I will continue the story next week.

You can visit the link here to read the story. A recap:

#1:  Disturbing Pattern Of Life !

#2: Reminiscing Fond Memories Over A Cup of Coffee

#3: Is it the end?

#4: As They Wait With Bated Breath

#5 : I Will Not Accept This, I Defy It

Thanks for supporting me with the kind words in your comments. I look forward to your support and encouragement always.

Happy Reading!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge.



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