Yesterday a poll from a mommy group popped up on my Facebook timeline asking us to reveal whether we have ever used our child as an excuse to get out of a social function. Most of the moms replied in affirmative.

Haven’t we all done that at least a couple of times? So I asked few of my friends if they have ever done so, and they came up with various excuses that they have made. I have not disclosed any names for obvious reasons. I enjoyed hearing about these and so I write 10 of them here. Let’s take this in light humour and not judge anyone.

  1. So the most common reason is when you really do not want to attend a boring social function, and you use child’s health, classes, studies, homework as an excuse.

2. I did this and I regret it now, but once I was pulled over by a policeman for not wearing the seat belt while driving and I used my daughter as an excuse saying, ‘Oh, sorry, I was wearing it but my daughter just screamed and I took it off to have a look behind!’


3.When you don’t feel like attending the exercise session; make an excuse to the trainer, ‘I have to work on my child’s project!’ Today is the deadline!

4. When friends have planned a party and you are in a mood to just chill during the weekend reading a book or lying aimlessly on the bed or watching a movie.

5. When you want to move out of a boring conversation under the pretext of taking your child to the loo. So you say, ‘Excuse me, but its long since I haven’t taken her to the loo, she might just pee here!’

6. When you accidently break something at a store and just put the blame on the 4 year old.

7. When you are on a diet and want to eat the chocolates and pastries and use your child as an excuse so that you don’t go on a guilt trip.


8. When an uninvited guest visits and to avoid you use breast –feeding your child as an excuse.

9. When you want to get out of a meeting on a weekend and you use your child as an excuse mentioning to the client that it’s your turn to take your child to the class and your spouse might just not let you off this parenting duty.

10. Blame your post pregnancy weight on the child and use them as an excuse for eating all the high calorie foods during breast feeding.

Have you used any of these excuses or any other one; feel free to share here. We would like to hear from you. Also if you haven’t yet, these ones might just give you few ideas if you are in a catch situation.

Oh, my daughter just called me out… I need to go… See you soon!

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