My 8 year old daughter debuts today on the blog. Her school is closed for the Ganpati holidays and she chose to use this time wisely. I am glad she didnt choose to spend the time watching T.V as that is what she loves a lot but she wrote stories.

It gives me immense pleasure to share those stories here. She has written the stories independently, with me helping her with few spellings. She has typed the stories herself using my laptop too.

Hope you all enjoy her stories.

The first story has been inspired from the few stories she was told in school about honesty. The second story is her own creation.



Once there was a girl named Meera. Everyone in school knew that she was the best speller in the class. She could spell difficult words like ‘previously’ and ‘schedule’ .Miss Mandarin told everyone in class that she wanted everyone in class to score 60 percent in dictation. Seema was very weak in spelling words. Meera was very happy so she decided to not study for this dictation as she got very over confident. When Miss Mandarin told the word ‘handkerchief’, Meera got very nervous. Meera was sitting with Seema. They had quite distance in their bench. Seema wrote the spelling ‘handkerchief’. So Meera quickly moved her eyes to Seema’s paper but after a second she thought that what will happen if I don’t win this dictation but I will still have my honesty in me so she wrote what she knew ‘handkercheif’. But she was only the winner as she was honest.




One fine day there was a girl named Aarna. She was very naughty. One day she was going to the market with her sister. She told her sister that she wanted to go to the store in which only glass items were available. Her sister allowed her to go but asked to be careful and not break anything. And so Aarna went. When she went to the store she was shocked to see so many glass items. She asked the shopkeeper to give her something special. The shopkeeper gave her a big glass peacock. As she took it in her hand , it fell and broke. She got very scared. When the shopkeeper asked who broke the peacock she blamed it on her aunt who was also with her in the shop. Aarna’s aunt told that she is blaming it on her. The shopkeeper checked on the CCTV camera and got to know that Aarna was lying and it was she who had broken the peacock.


The shopkeeper called her sister. Aarna’s sister asked her why she wasn’t careful and why she blamed her aunt. She asked her to apologise to the shopkeeper and aunt. Aarna said she dropped the peacock by mistake and was very sorry to have lied.


It was a lesson for Aarna and from that day onwards she never blamed anyone else for her mistakes and did not do any mischief.


She had learnt her lesson in honesty.


Hope you enjoyed the stories. Do share your feedback on the same. It’s very encouraging to see that today children are reading more and schools are putting in efforts to teach kids values like honesty through story telling.


I had written a post on Honesty a year back, about ways to encourage kids to be honesty and tips to inculcate this essential virtue in them. Here is the link to the post.


Honesty- An essential virtue


Do you tell stories about honesty to your kids? Do your kids make up stories? How do you tackle lying in your kids?


 Do share your experiences.



Happy Parenting!