Dear Write Tribers,

Hope this letter finds you all in best of your spirits.  The Write Tribe Festival Of Words has been a huge success for all of us, isn’t it?  When the topics were shared with us, I was only sure about one day and that is today’s prompt. I knew I had to write a letter to my fellow blogger friends.

I actively started blogging on my site from February of this year and I got to know that to make my blog a success I would need to join various blogger and mommy groups on Facebook and promote it to get noticed. Thus, I joined numerous groups. I do not remember when I joined the Write Tribe group and I was not very active on the group but the day I joined the whats app group my blogging aspirations soared high.

Today as I write this letter I feel very grateful that I was accepted to be a part of The Write Tribe. It is a matter of pride to be on the same platform as many veterans of blogging. Write Tribe is a healthy mix of experience and freshness. I have learnt a lot from each of you.

The Write Tribe group is so different from other blogger groups on Facebook. It is not a community of bloggers but a family.  Each one of you is always ready to guide and help each other.

Write Tribe family has been instrumental in making me tread an unknown path and explore the side of me which I myself was not aware. The Write Tribe Festival Of Words has been my first attempt at any writing challenge. I was apprehensive of participating initially but the messages on the group and the excitement among all of you promoted me to be a part of this amazing experience.

I had never attempted to write fiction. I only did it for the first time on the Saturday prompts on whats app. I even shared it with my friends and family with the excitement like a child who shows off a new toy. And yesterday I did something I had never dreamt in my wildest dreams. I took a plunge and wrote a story for the first time ever. Every comment I received on the story was immensely motivating.

I was taking baby steps until now but dear friends all of you have given flight to my dreams and have provided me with the much needed impetus to make my parenting blog a useful resource for parents.

I seek your support always and request you keep guiding me whenever I falter.

Thank You.

Much Love,


(P.S) Alexa Ranking of my blog has improved tremendously too. I am thrilled to share this with all of you.

I am taking part in the Write Tribe