My writing journey began when I was 8 years old. I used to maintain a daily journal and wrote to share my joys and sorrows. I have smiled while writing and shed tears too.

Life went on and my diary became my closest friend. Then that special day arrived when I embarked on to the motherhood journey. I had so much to share and I wrote about it in my diary but had many queries and doubts about parenting.  Here I felt a need for an ear to hear and a shoulder to lean on. Though I had support of my family and friends, I wanted a neutral and an unbiased opinion. That made me start blogging.

I started my blogging journey on a leading parenting platform of India where a parent was free to share thoughts about parenthood without the fear of being judged. This was a stage in my life where I was very low on confidence and unsure about myself. Blogging got me my lost confidence. I again started believing in myself and my strengths. Other mothers started pouring their hearts out when they resonated with my doubts as a parent. They shared their stories of having experienced similar challenges with me. This experience gave birth to my second baby- my own parenting blog.

So for the Day 2 prompt wherein we have to write about the resources we have or use, I would like to mention my daily experiences as a mother as the primary resource for my blog. Also my friends share their parenting stories with me which I incorporate in my blog. I like to research on any topic before I post an article so I do refer to the internet and few parenting books.

My blog was conceived a year back and it is yet in the formative years so I refer to other parenting blogs to look for topics which are of importance to parents. In the process, I have made friendships and connections with fellow bloggers whose work is a valuable resource for me.

I did the designing of the blog completely by myself trusting my creative instincts. In the process of writing meaningful content for my reader who is essentially a parent I learnt that the blog should appeal the reader visually too. So I started using free images from Pixabay. I also learnt about Canva and use it to create templates for Instagram and Twitter .

Which resources do you use? Do share your inputs as my baby is learning to walk and would love your support.



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