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Parents are always in a dilemma about how to keep a child engaged during his free time. Every morning during vacations my 8 year old daughter used to come up to me every few minutes and ask, “Mom, what should I do now?” I used to play card games, board games and solve puzzles with her. We used to read together, yet we had lot of time to spare and that would make her glued to the television for 2 to 3 hours during the afternoons. You can’t be with the child all the time to entertain them so I was also at loss of ideas to keep her engaged.

I searched the internet for ideas and that’s when I landed up on the site

Though my daughter used to solve jigsaw puzzles but we always had a space constraint too accommodate too many toys so we couldn’t buy many puzzles for her. This online puzzle site thus grabbed my interest. It became very convenient for me. I do allow her daily 1 hour of gadget time so it was ideal that she could play the puzzle on this site.

About JSPuzzles: JSPuzzles is a gaming website wherein one can play numerous stock puzzles alongside user generated puzzles with friendly game play and fun features. posts a new puzzle every day. So it became a routine for my daughter to solve the newest uploaded puzzle daily during her gadget time. You have a choice to choose a puzzle from the various themes like Nature, Places, Animals, Scenery, Buildings, Art, Transportation and many more.

What I liked about JsPuzzles:
The best feature of the puzzles on the site is that one can choose the difficulty level as per one’s age and preferences. The player has the option of choosing the number of pieces and the size of pieces too. So this website is not only for children but also for adults. I was glad that I could find something intriguing for my daughter and myself. We had fun challenging each other and competing.

The Benefits of Solving Puzzles:
1. Helps in improving IQ: Solving puzzles helps in building problem solving skills, improves logic and gets one to think and reason.
2. Improves Concentration: Puzzles provide a choice to increase the difficulty level once a person is comfortable solving it thus conditioning the brain to concentrate harder.
3. Develops critical thinking: Problem solving skills are enhanced by solving puzzles.
4. Improves cognitive ability: Puzzles are immensely helpful in developing cognitive ability of a child. It enhances the child’s ability to visualize and understand to determine the method of solving.
5. Increases Patience: Young children are always on the move so solving puzzles will make them sit at one place which will increase their patience level also. Even adults lose their patience many times due to stress because of work and responsibilities so puzzle solving helps adults too.
6. Develops organisation skills: One thinks about how to break complex problems into smaller solvable portions while solving puzzles which develops organisational skills.

7. Improves confidence: The sense of accomplishment on solving the puzzle gives a sense of accomplishment in oneself.

Now it has become a daily routine for us as a family to login to and challenge each other to a daily puzzle. So visit the site and do share your experiences.

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.