We wish well and the world’s happiness for our children but especially as parents to lovely daughters, we keep thinking about their well being all the time. I too have many wishes for my daughter and i can go on and on about them but here I list 10 of the those which are most important to me.

10 wishes I wish for my daughter:

1. To learn to say ‘no’ to what you don’t feel right.

2. To understand that only you can make yourself happy and no one else.

3. To always keep your heart open to love but also the strength to walk away from someone who is unworthy of that love.

4. To understand that money is just something that fits in a purse. Your true worth is within yourself.

5. To feel free from societal pressure and rise above to be your own person.

6. To understand that sometimes you would not get what you want.

7. To know that job is not how you make money but how and where you choose to live your life.

8. I wish you forget all the times i scolded you or shouted at you.

9. I wish you have a safe and secure environment to live your life.

10. Most of all , I wish that you always try hard enough and you will always get what you want.

I am sure parents will relate to this too.

What do you wish for your children? Do share with us.